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Failure and Hope

Fighting for the Rights of the Forcibly Displaced

Christine Mahoney

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2016)


In 2015 the world hit a new record: 60 million people displaced by violent conflict globally - the highest since World War II. Current national and international policy fails them all. Based on data on all 61 protracted displacement crises worldwide, fieldwork in seven conflict zones in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, University of Virginia Professor Christine Mahoney systematically explores the limits to traditional political advocacy on behalf of the displaced and proposes a socially innovative alternative approach to improve the lives of those forced to flee their homes.


Buy a copy at Amazon or download in less than a minute to your tablet.

Brussels Versus the Beltway

Advocacy in the United States and the European Union

Christine Mahoney

Publisher: Georgetown University Press (2008)


This book presents the first large-scale study of lobbying strategies and outcomes in the United States and the European Union, two of the most powerful political systems in the world. Every day, tens of thousands of lobbyists in Washington and Brussels are working to protect and promote their interests in the policymaking process. Policies emanating from these two spheres have global impacts—they set global standards, they influence global markets, and they determine global politics. Armed with extensive new data, Christine Mahoney challenges the conventional stereotypes that attribute any differences between the two systems to cultural ones—the American, a partisan and combative approach, and the European, a consensus-based one.


Buy a copy at Amazon or download in less than a minute to your tablet.

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